B7 Stud

B7 Stud For High Pressure And Temperature Industries

Properties And Applications Of B7 Stud

The ASTM A193 specification covers bolting materials made from either alloy or stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures or high pressure. ASTM includes different grades and classes, including the B7 which was approved in 1936. Depending on these classes, ASTM bolting materials can have variations in hardness, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and other properties within their specification.

A193 B7 bolting materials are produced from heat-treated chromium-molybdenum steel. The minimum tensile strength is 125,000 psi and the maximum hardness of this material is 321 HB in the Brinell scale. ASTM193 Grade B7 studs may come plain, zinc plated, or hot dip galvanized. It is likewise a common practice for manufacturers today to coat B7 bolting materials with cadmium and Fluoropolymer to enhance chemical and corrosion resistance properties.

Manufacturers produce B7 fasteners in different sizes. They are available as standard studs that are continuously threaded from end to end, or as double ended flange bolts with two nuts applied. B7 bolts are ideal for use with 2H finished hex nuts and F436 split washers for greater efficiency. They are commonly used in pressure vessels, valves, flange connections and fittings.

Because of their excellent tensile strength and temperature resistance, B7 studs and bolting materials are most widely used in major industries such as offshore drilling, chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide. However, they can also be used in home and general bolting applications.

Choosing A B7 Stud Supplier

B7 bolting materials are vital in major industries. Hence, they should only come from reputable sources.  Find products from manufacturers accredited by inspection bodies, quality management, and standard regulation organizations such as ANSI, SAE, and ISO. This ensures that clients will receive guaranteed functional and precision products.

Manufacturers also produce custom bolting materials and other metal fabrications as per the client’s requirements. The internet assists in a more convenient research and comparison of bolting products manufactured from all over the world.  One can easily find high standard fasteners such as ASTM A453, B7 bolts, hex bolts, and screws produced in modern manufacturing facilities.