Fastener Manufacturer

The Products And Services Offered By A Fastener Manufacturer

Fastener manufacturing companies in Singapore offer unparalleled service in terms of the production and delivery of fastener products for the growing industrial sector. Fasteners play an important role in construction as they are used, as suggested, for fastening parts of a building to the foundation. Without fasteners, buildings are sure to crumble down to the ground. Fasteners also make the lives of construction workers easier especially when sealing foundations and drilling concrete.

Fasteners are also one of the most imported and exported product in the world of industrial engineering and construction. Cities around the world are growing more industrialised by the minute, thus, increasing the demand for concrete and fasteners.

Companies in the fastener manufacturing sector may also offer piping and accessories, as well as tunneling works, fabrication, construction and coating products. The availability of such materials in their arsenal makes them a one-stop shop for your construction and building needs.

Fastener Manufacturer: Types Of Fasteners

There are a wide range of fasteners used in the industry which involves anything from anchor to seismic bolts. The most common types of fasteners, however, are bolts and studs, nuts, socket screws and hexagonal bolts. Bolts, meanwhile, are subdivided into three categories namely fully-threaded, partially threaded and single threaded.

Fasteners come in grades recognised by the industry such as general engineering grades, petrochemical grades and structural grades. In essence though, such grades are manufactured based on international standards set by various European, American and Asian industries.

Fastener Manufacturer And Stainless Steel Fasteners

You can trust a wide variety of fastener manufacturer in Singapore to cater to your construction and industrial needs. As a major manufacturer of engineering parts and as a booming place for new industrial business ventures, Singapore companies that belong to the fastener manufacturing field are reliable and world-class. Chin Yuan Metal Pte Ltd is a leading provider of all sorts of bolts and fasteners. The company also offers non-standard raw materials or specialised designs tailored to your company’s construction needs.