Machine Bolt

Understanding The Specifics Of The Machine Bolt And The Other Types Of Bolts

Bolts are primarily used to interlock or interconnect two objects or items together. Taking the form of a cylindrical fastener, bolts are precious commodities in the engineering and construction industry. Despite their relatively simple role of holding, clamping or fastening two objects at a time, bolts are perceived as crucial construction materials.

Machine Bolt – What Are The Different Kinds Of Bolts?

There are various types of bolts used in the construction industry. Here are some of the most common bolts used by engineers and construction specialists:

Lag Bolts
Lag bolts are typically paired with wood. Similar to screws, lag bolts have pointed tips and a wooden thread. Builders use lag bolts to fasten a wooden material to another wooden material or metal structure.

Hex Bolts
Hex bolts are common bolt types. Hex bolts, as the name suggests, have a hexagon-shaped head. Available in various shapes and sizes, these bolts are widely used in all sorts of construction projects.

Elevator Bolts
Commonly seen and utilised in conveyor systems, elevator bolts are distinguished by their rounded flat heads. The design, similar to hanger bolts, has been formulated to withstand the weight of bulky elevator mechanisms.

Eye Bolts
One feature of eye bolts is interesting. For one, these bolts have a round or semi round head with a hole which serves as the pathway for materials such as wire or chain (enabling the wire to pass through).

Carriage Bolts
Unlike other types of bolts with bulky heads, carriage bolts have heads with a flat surface. These bolts are known as permanent fasteners or sealers – even with the use of sophisticated tools, they are difficult to unfasten.

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