Tunnel Bolts

What Are Tunnel Bolts?

These unassuming tunnel bolts may appear like ordinary and insignificant things to those who are unaware of the important roles they play in various structures around the world, but for those who have a bit of knowledge and experience in metal works, engineering, and construction, they know that these types of bolts and nuts are the embodiment of the phrase, “great things come in small packages”.

Tunnel Bolts And Transportation

Every single day, millions of people around the world depend on mass transportation systems like trains to get them to their various destinations, and every single day, these mass transportation systems travel thousands of kilometres through various cities and territories to effectively perform their function and safely transport their passengers to their respective destinations. Sometimes, these vehicles even have to pass through underground tunnels that link different places.

And this is where the tunnel bolt’s role comes into play, they make transportation through undersea and underground tunnels possible by holding together the numerous metal beams and posts which make up the tunnel’s frame.

In short, this bolt is among the most vital, if not the most vital component for maintaining the entire tunnel’s structural integrity.

Choosing Tunnel Bolts

A tunnel bolt is classified under the type of bolts known as structural bolts, they can be produced in various grades, sizes, and load capacities, depending on their intended use. These structural bolts also come with uniform hexagonal heads to fit all types of wrenches, whether manual or automatic, box ended or open ended.

And since these bolts are meant to hold various important structures together, this is one of those situations when one should never compromise quality for a cheaper price. It is crucial to choose structural bolts that are the product of the latest engineering technology and made of the highest quality materials.

The specific requirements of the structure should also be considered since not all joints and links are the same. And in the event that a unique bolt is needed, top notch bolt manufactures can produce a batch of bolts that are made according to their client’s specific requirements.