12 Point Cap Screw

12 point cap screw is one of the very commonly requested for items.  These 12 point cap screws used to be made from Grade 8.8 materials. However, with the recent demands by our customers, Chin Yuan is starting to manufacture and supply these screws to ASTM A193 B7 material.  We are also able to provide Xylan coating to these bolts.  The 12 point design provides the same bearing surface as hex or socket head cap screws of comparable size and fits a 12 point socket.

Other fabricated designs include dog bolt , cup point bolts.

A453 660 Bolts & Nuts

Under the ASTM A453 standards, the A453 660 has been the most commonly requested class for bolts and nuts.  Boltings fabricated from these materials are good for use in high temperature service for pressure vessel and valve flanges.  There has been mention (although not conclusive) that the maximum operating temperature of A453 660 bolts is 650 deg Celsius.

With the more demanding conditions, Chin Yuan has brought about a new product combination with further performance enhancements – A453 660 with Xylan Coating.  With its high corrosion resistance properties, the bolts are enhanced further with better lubricity.  A few combinations of bolts and nuts include:

A453 660 (Plain)

A453 660 C/W Xylan 1070

A453 660 C/W Xylan 1424

A453 660 C/W Xylan 1014