A193 B7 in Singapore Malaysia Thailand

There has been an increasing trend in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for bolts and nuts manufactured to ASTM A193 B7 standards.  This is due to the increasing jobs secured in Singapore Malaysia and Thailand in the Oil and Gas sector. More importantly, A193 B7 has been recognized as one of the most basic and important bolting materials used due to its high tensile properties with its additional performance due to the presence of Chromium and Molybdenum.  Quite often, the ASTM A193 B7 stud bolts in Singapore Malaysia and Thailand have additional coatings, whether it is Hot Dipped Galvanized or Xylan.

While A193 B7 remainds a popular material grade in Singapore Malaysia and Thailand, we also see a general increasing trend for more exotic and special materials.  This includes the use of A453 660 , UNS 32760 , ASTM A193 B8M and ASTM A320 L7M .