Bolts And Nuts

Bolts And Nuts: Essential Properties Customers Should Note

Metal fasteners are used by all kinds of industries and individuals today, from transportation to construction to everyday domestic life. So whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a homeowner, it helps to acquaint yourself with the different kinds of bolts and nuts commonly used and available in the market today.

Why is this important? Nuts and bolts come in a variety of grades and sizes, although it is also common for industries to order custom-built units because of their special needs. Like any kind of fastener, nuts and bolts need to be the exact, perfect fit for your particular needs, otherwise their purpose is totally defeated.

Grades Of Bolts And Nuts

Bolts and studs come in different kinds: full-threaded, both-ends-threaded, and one-end threaded for regular grades; and unthreaded and blank for hexagonal bolts. Nuts, on the other hand, belong to three general grades: General Engineering Grades, Petrochemical Grades, and Structural Bolting Grades.

Some of the more common kinds of General Engineering Grade nuts and socket screws include the BS 4190 & BS 3692 (4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8 and higher grades 10.9, 12.9). Petrochemical grades, on the other hand, include the ASTM-A193 (B5, B6, B7, B7M, B16, B8, B8M), A194 (2H, 7, 7M, 8M, 8MA), and A320 (L7, L7M, B8, B8M). Lastly, some structural bolting grades include the A453 (660, 651, 662, 665), SS304, SS310, SS316, A321, and UNS 32760.

Standards For Manufacturing Bolts And Nuts

Nuts and bolts are manufactured following certain set quality standards. These are laid down by globally recognised bodies to ensure that all raw materials produced, regardless of which one manufactures them, follow a uniform mold to be used for a variety of purposes across different industries. These bodies include the ASTM, BS, JIS, DIN, SAE, BS EN, and NACE. When scouting for nuts and bolts to use, it is imperative to ensure that the materials you eventually procure have followed the international specifications of these bodies. This would ensure only the highest quality in every type of bolt and nut you use for your project.