Bolts Nuts And Screws

Universal Fasteners: Bolts Nuts And Screws

Screws, nuts, and bolts may be so small they’re easy to lose, but the role they play in keeping industries together–quite literally–is indispensible.

Every imaginable mechanical equipment works just as it should because of the nuts, bolts, and screws that put it together. Cars, trucks, trains will not run without them. Even simple household items such as tables and furniture, all the way to big factories, laboratory equipment, and the like, need these nifty little tools to function properly.

The Functions Of Bolts Nuts And Screws

Bolts and nuts always come together. The bolt is cylindrical in shape with a threaded body and a head. It is into this threaded body that compatible nuts are screwed to fasten materials in place. The compatibility of a bolt and screw is determined through their respective grades, and adhering to this standard is crucial in ensuring that the two tools work well with one another under the circumstances they were designed for. Damage to either of them will result when one is incompatible with the other, hence risking further damage to the material being fastened together.

Bolts Nuts And Screws: Materials And Components

Bolts are varied in their head types (hex, flat, flange, and button) as well as bolt drives (socket, hex, and square). Stainless steel is the most common material for bolts (and is also the most widely used), but grade 8, hex, and carriage bolts are also commonly utilised in industries.

Nuts can come in different forms–hex nuts, lock nuts, flange nuts, serrated hex flange lock nuts, jam nuts, machine screw nuts, nylon jam nuts, square nuts, slotted hex nuts, and many other kinds.

Screws fulfill the same fastening function. Screws usually come in different head types–hex (six sides), round, oval, truss, flat, and pan. Likewise, they also come in different drives–hex, socket, phillips, slotted, and torx. Stainless steel screws are the most widely used, as well as machine screws (to hold mechanical equipment together) and wood screws.