Hexagonal Bolt

What Is A Hexagonal Bolt?

Hexagonal bolts are bolts with a head composed of six sides. They are also widely known as hex cap screws or machine bolts. Some of these bolts have machine threads (in full or half threads) that can be secured in place on a surface with a nut.

Hexagonal Bolt And Screws: Differences

Bolts are threaded externally, which is designed to be inserted through holes. It is tightened or loosened in its place by torquing its nut. Screws, meanwhile, are essentially the same—like bolts, they are used to fasten parts—except that no nuts are used to put it in securely in place. The heads are the ones torque instead of a nut to tighten or loosen it.

Examples of bolts include track, round head and plow bolts. Screws, meanwhile, include wood screws and tapping screws. Nuts cannot be fitted with the threads of these screws.

Hexagonal cap screws are also available in the market. According to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards B18.2.1-1996, hex cap screws are categorized as those that fall within 0.25 and 3 inches in diameter. While these screws are considered hex bolts and are very similar in appearance (they are referred to as “finished hex bolts” by the Machinery’s Handbook), they are designed with tighter tolerances which should categorize them as screws. The US government, in fact, classifies these hex cap screws as screws.

The said hex bolts were actually renamed as hex cap screws following the implementation of the US congress’s act PL 101-592 which ensures the top quality of fasteners in the market. The law was passed as a response to the arrival of counterfeit fasteners in the US market.

Where To Buy A Hexagonal Bolt

Hexagonal bolts can be bought from leading hardware stores and construction suppliers. They can also be bought by the bulk from steel fabricators or machine bolt manufacturers. In Singapore, hexagonal bolts can be bought directly from the manufacturers, offline or online.