Why You Should Choose To Use A Kingpost

Constructing a house or even a bridge often requires a vertical support post that can help keep the structure solid. Your choices will depend on what your design is and what your structure needs. There are many different kinds of posts that can be used for these however a lot of people tend to choose what is called a king post for such a requirement.

Why People Use A Kingpost

People often end up choosing a king post mainly because it is the more economical choice. Since you will only be required to use one center or vertical post for your structure with this kind of a post, the costs are often reduced. It is also chosen by those who have a design where the top end of the structure ends in a triangular shape.

This type of center post is also called a crown post and is used for many design applications. These can be used for architectural, aircraft, marine and building design applications. This particular post extends from the middle of a horizontal beam up to the apex of a roof or triangular truss in architecture and bridge building. For marine purposes, this is the upright post that has cargo-handling apparatus attached to it.

The Kingpost Truss And It’s Uses

Structures that use this particular center post are often those that have rather simple design lines. Since the king post truss is considered the most simple of all truss types, it therefore stands to reason that simple designs end up using this as the support post or central post. A variation of this in construction is the Norman truss, which consists of a central post that carries a tie beam and truss blades.

The king post can be made out of wood, if it were to be used for building a house made with wooden beams and materials. These days however, with more people turning to metal, you can find this particular truss and post made out of different kinds of metal. For bridge building, you will find these to be made with the use of the same material used for the rest of the bridge’s primary structure.