Machine Bolts

Machine Bolts: Understanding The Science Behind Bolts

Bolts remain a necessity in the construction and engineering industry. Truth is, these construction materials are used for various reasons! Available in various shapes and sizes, these structural components are utilised in different sectors like agricultural, engineering, industrial, transport, marine and mining industries.

Why The Construction Industry Needs Machine Bolts

Bolts are popular because they serve a very important function. For one, they are able to clamp or fasten two objects together. In a quick, powerful spiral motion, bolts can be driven in holes or spaces that allow for metal to wood or wood to wood adjunction. The beauty behind the use of bolts is that they are extremely simple to use. Builders looking to use bolts would only have to mind the careful insertion of bolts into the entry points of certain objects to create any connection. When builders make use of a good wrench that’s aided by a powerful spiral-entry force, bolts can be easily locked into place, nearly impossible to be taken out.

There are various types of bolts. Sometimes, it takes time and skill to determine which bolt is actually needed for a particular construction project. Do you want to learn more about bolts? Well, time to find out more about the varieties of these essential construction pieces:

U Bolts: U bolts, as their name already suggests, have a U shaped head. These bolts come in different forms: chassis, square and rounded formats.

Hold down bolts: These bolts are usually available in three variants – plates, rods and cages. These bolts, when fastening objects together, often go with washers and nuts.

Hook bolts: Hook bolts offer an interesting but a pretty obvious feature: a hook. Acting as a robust anchor, these types of bolts are often utilised to match the heavy load of bulky items.

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