Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication 101: Getting To Know The Process

Metal fabrication is among the most important industrial processes not only in Singapore but also worldwide. This is because of the booming construction industry and the growing need for stronger and more functional products. However, even with the increasing perception of how important fabrication has become in Singapore and its environs, many people still do not understand what this process entails.

The Metal Fabrication Process

Fabrication refers to the process of manipulating metals and alloys (steel, carbon, etc.) through special equipment to create functional products. It involves two major steps:

Cutting and Bending

Fabricators cut large sheets of metal into various shapes and sizes. They use techniques such as sheer stress or Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) to cut metals. Others use abrasive methods such as sawing and grinding or precise cutting methods such as laser technology. After cutting metal sheets, the bending process begins. They manipulate metal sheets into various shapes using press brakes. They then prepare the sheets for assembly (forming) and transform them into functional products.

Forming and Finishing

During forming, fabricators assemble many single metal plates to create a functional product. They do this in several ways. First, depending on the product they are creating, they can bend seams using a roll stand. They can also stamp, use rivets, or weld them, to create a sturdy product. Finally, before delivering their product or putting it up for sale, they finish it to enhance safety and improve its overall appeal. They grind all sharp edges, clean, or paint it to meet the precise needs of the consumer market.

Importance of Metal Fabrication

The importance of metal fabrication cannot be undermined. It has seen creation of essential machines such as vehicles, which have revolutionised the transport industry and construction industry in Singapore. From household equipment such as pots and pans to commercial appliances containing metal, fabrication ensures you get only the most competent structural components.

If you do not have the resources of skills to make your own metal products, it is advisable that you hire a professional metal fabricator. Even though many companies are available on the Web, always opt for a provider that has experience and a long list of satisfied customers.