Pipe Accessories

Essential Piping And Other Pipe Accessories You Need To Know

If you’re new to piping works or would like to explore the materials and specifications available for your use, your best bet is to head to your trusted piping supplier for recommendations. Reliable suppliers can orient you on the basic properties of each of the numerous pipe accessories, as well as give you advice on your specific queries.

Piping Works And Pipe Accessories To Acquaint With

Industries make use of a variety of piping materials and accessories, which include U-Bolts, Pipe Clamps, Eye Bolts, and Anchor Bolts. These accessories can be made to order according to the requirements of your project while maintaining the product integrity and quality recognised all over the world. Each of these bolts have innate properties and capacities, so it’s crucial to know the differences before you make your purchase.

The U-Bolt, for instance, is one of the most versatile pieces. These come in different sizes and are usually readily available in suppliers, so it’s almost always easy to get one should you find yourself on an emergency home repair situation. Stainless steel and galvanised steel are the usual material makeup of the U-Bolt, and from its name, is shaped like a letter U. Its two arms are threaded and are usually utilized with washers and screws.

Other Crucial Pipe Accessories

The pipe clamp in piping works refers to those that connect the pipe with the pipe hanger assembly. Pipe clamps come in varying dimensions, including diameter and length, both of which determine their capacity.

The eye bolt, on the other hand, is actually a screw that features a threaded leg and a looped head. Eye bolts are frequently used for attaching cables to objects, usually for hanging.

The Anchor bolt, meanwhile, attaches to concrete. An anchor bolt can be customised for one’s specific use, but most of them would consist of threaded ends, where one will attach a nut and a washer.