Reinforcement Coupler

Reinforcement Coupler: Building Stronger Foundations Faster

A reinforcement coupler is essential in connecting reinforcement bars used in construction. There are many ways to connect reinforcement bars, and one of the most common approaches is to use lapped joints. However, this method is time consuming and the installation can lead to greater congestion inside the concrete because of the large number of used bars. A coupler eliminates this problem. It also brings numerous benefits.

Benefits Of Using A Reinforcement Coupler

During construction, a coupler can connect two reinforcement bars and divert the compression force. Unlike lapped joints, couplers are not dependent on the concrete for load transfer. Through couplers, reinforcement bars are not affected even if the quality of the concrete degrades. During an impact or an earthquake, the reliability of the metal bars is retained. Also, you can build a stronger foundation using less steel.

Couplers increase the tensile strength as well as the compressive capacity of the bars. It provides continuity for reinforcement bars, too. This way, it is easier to build foundations for colossal structures. And because you use less steel for the foundation, the concrete to steel ratio is reduced. The quality of the concrete is also enhanced because the bars have bigger spaces between them.

Moreover, couplers are easy to install and thus increase the speed of work. The workers do not need to bend and rebend reinforcement bars, too. This is advantageous particularly if the bars have huge diameter measurements. And because couplers are very efficient in connecting reinforcement bars, you can protect expensive system framework and high-priced starter bar boxes. Because of these benefits, couplers are used in most construction projects nowadays.

Where To Get A Reinforcement Coupler

A standard reinforcement coupler can be acquired from metal fabrication companies. If you have been in the construction business for years, you can ask your trusted bolts and nuts suppliers if they can provide couplers for you. If they cannot provide the tools, you can always get in touch with a metal fabrication company. Just indicate your specifications and your preferred materials and they will create the tools for you.