Rock Bolt

What Is A Rock Bolt?

Rock bolts are among the many products offered by fastener manufacturing companies in Singapore. Although not as common as the average anchor bolt, rock bolts are also offered by companies that specialise in the production of manufacturing supplies for construction and industrial engineering projects.

Rock bolts are big (think life-sized) anchor bolts used in building and construction. They are commonly used to stabilise rock formations and excavations, more often when a tunnel is being built at a particular site. Essentially, rock bolts hold together rock formations and transfer the weight of the rock mass from the unstable exterior to the stable exterior.

Uses Of A Rock Bolt

According to history, rock bolts were first used for mining purposes during the late 1800s as recorded in the manual of US-based St. Joseph Lead Mine. By 1947, Austrian engineers have discovered a new use for rock bolts, which is to use them as anchor bolts for the Snowy Mountains scheme. Rock bolts have also been used for tunneling in the US and Australia.

Rock bolts are installed in a kind of design that often resembles a rib cage. This is most noticeable in the foundation of tunnels and bridges. The quality of the rock at the excavation site as well as the type of excavation has to be noted, however, when working with rock bolts. The development of the design of rock bolts is constantly being updated and many papers have been published on this.

Where Can I Get A Rock Bolt?

A number of fastener manufacturing companies offer rock bolts. In Singapore, most civil and industrial engineering parts providers offer rock bolts for the construction needs of companies. Chin Yuan Metal Pte Ltd, for example, offers rock bolts by the bulk for companies that are planning to embark on a big construction or excavation project. With the country being poised as leading engineering parts manufacturing hub in Asia, customers don’t have to look further when choosing a reliable fastener manufacturer that will cater to their needs.