Square Bolt

The Many Uses Of A Square Bolt

There are many different bolts used in piping and one of these is the square bolt. This particular type of bolt is normally used by people who abhor the problems that hexagonal bolts bring, like slippage during wrenching. These bolt types have also been around longer than their hexagonal cousins and are still in use due to their reliability and ease of installation.

Where A Square Bolt Is Commonly Used

While most people can see hexagonal bolts being used more than these bolts with square heads these days, the latter is still widely used by a number of industries for a wide variety of purposes. Some people use these for aesthetic reasons, like for those projects that need to have a rustic look, while others require the use of these square headed bolts for restoration needs.

These square headed bolts are also used on machinery and are the choice of fabricators or machinists when they need a bolt that has to be tightened “blind”. This is due to the fact that these are easier to fit into a specific tightening tool than their hexagonal counterparts. Wrench slippage won’t be a problem when this type of bolt is used due to the bolt head’s quadratic shape.

The Versatility Of The Square Bolt

This type of bolt is normally used for heavy duty machining tasks, however some people find that the rusticity of this bolt type makes it ideal for making unique and period inspired items for their homes and offices. These bolts can be used to put together rustic-looking benches and tables. These can also be used to create an old-fashioned picnic table and outdoor swing.

People find that using a square bolt is easier than using a hexagonal headed bolt. This is because of the kind of tools you can use to secure these fasteners. Hexagonal bolts usually require you to use a specifically shaped tool for tightening. Square shaped bolts can be tightened using a variety of common tools like pliers and wrenches, which you normally have on hand.