Steel Fabricators

Steel Fabricators 101: Guide To Fabrication Works

If you are starting on a project that requires some fabrication works, you would need the expertise of a seasoned supplier to provide you with high-quality output following your exact specifications. In general, metal fabrication entails three core processes: cutting, bending, and assembling.

Steel Fabricators 101: Overview Of Metal Fabrication Processes

Cutting is performed through various ways, such as shearing and sawing. Torching with handheld torches is also possible, as well as using CNC cutters. Bending, on the other hand, is accomplished via manual or powered hammering, among other ways. Finally, assembling is performed via welding, using adhesives, riveting, or threaded fasteners.

Steel Fabricators 101: General Steps In Fabrication

Steel fabrication is mainly done through welding. Machined parts are assembled and welded according to an engineer’s drawings. An engineer’s drawing will describe in detail how a certain piece of welded work should be structured, and will serve as a welder’s guide to the accuracy of the work. It is also imperative for welders to follow these drawings to the last detail to ensure material integrity and strength.

These projects need not just the expertise of an engineer who can illustrate a structure in its most efficient form; it also necessitates the skills of a seasoned welder. For instance, steel can end up warped because of excessive heat, which means welders must take extra caution to prevent such.

A welder may perform staggered welding, make use of a stout fixture, or perform straightening operations right after welding. Still, a welder may also cover the structure with sand during the cooling period, or conduct a redesign so that it ends up using fewer welds.

Should you have a need for non-regular or high-grade raw materials for fabrication, such as Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Super Duplex Steel, or Titanium, you have to seek the services of a supplier with a wide network of manufacturers to supply these as soon as you need them, and in the exact quantity you need.