Tunnel Accessories

Steel And PVC For Tunnel Accessories: Properties And Benefits

Tunnelling accessories are important in various tunnelling and excavation projects. In Singapore, the land transportation and subway systems are among the many sectors that utilise these products. Tunnel accessories include rock bolts, couplers, pipes, grommets, sockets, etc.  Among the most commonly used materials used for tunnelling accessories are steel and PVC.

Tunnel Accessories: Benefits Of Using Steel In Tunnelling Works

Galvanised and stainless steel have long been used in various construction and industrial applications that are exposed to tough environmental conditions. Steel is often used to make pipes and bolts because of their flexibility and durability. Moreover, steel is cost-effective and easily accessible.

Water and gas pipes used underground are typically made of steel materials. Steel pipes are ideal for tunnelling and underground pipe work projects because they can bear intense vibrations caused by large amounts of traffic and footfall. They are likewise the popular choice because they can withstand high pressure, temperature, and exposure to water and gas that usually cause other materials to rust and corrode.

Advantages Of PVC As Tunnel Accessories

PVC is another popular material used for tunnelling accessories. As mentioned above, tunnelling works usually involve pipe works, road, and underground wiring, construction and maintenance services. PVC is a combination of plastic and vinyl. It does not rust nor corrode easily, therefore making it a suitable material for these types of activities.

PVC is resistant to heat and chemical reactions.  This makes materials made from PVC ideal for environments with thermal activity and chemical use. Underground wiring systems use PVC materials for insulation causes. Irrigation systems, on the other hand, often use PVC for their water pipes because they are resistant to oxidation reactions and fertilizer chemicals in the soil.

PVC materials possess notable abilities that can withstand shock and movement. They are ideal to use in places where there are frequent shaking and bending, including earthquake prone areas. PVC is either used as a coating or as the main pipe material itself.  Using PVC products helps prevent damages that may cause leakage and contamination.

Apart from ideal and flexible physical and chemical properties, PVC materials are lighter than metal materials. They are easier to install, thus lowering installation costs and reducing the risks of installation-related injuries. PVC manufacturing is continuously improved to keep up with the needs and safety requirement of various industries.