Tunnel & Rail Accessories

We manufacture and supply accessories to tunnel & rail projects, including in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Common products include:

  • Bolt Sockets
  • Curved Bolts
  • Double-Coil Spring Washers
  • Fish Bolts
  • Fish Plates
  • Grout Plugs
  • Grout Sockets
  • Non-Return Valves
  • O-Rings
  • Plastic Sleeves
  • Rail Clips
  • Spike Screws
  • Straight Bolts
  • Tunnel Segment Gaskets
  • X-Switch
  • Y-Switch

T225 Y-Switch
Contract T225 – Shenton Way (TE19)
Y-Switch for Trains

Tunnel & Rail Accessories
Tunnel & Rail Accessories
Tunnel & Rail Accessories

Metal components are usually supplied as Mild Steel, Grade 8.8 or Grade 10.9, and coated with Dacromet® or HDG.

Plastic components can be supplied as ABS, HDPE, PTFE or PVC.

Materials can certified as Type 2.1, Type 3.1 or Type 3.2, along with Factory Production Control (FPC) as per BC1.

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